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DJ Bio

I first got interested in dance music way back in 1986, when I was blown away by the freshly imported Chicago House music.

The love continued with the beeps and bleeps of warehouse raves and acid house. This moved on to Italio house; and I remember trying to impress clubbers in Carmarthen with the unknown Black Box - Ride On Time, which cleared the dancefloor…ah well!
The bleeps and beeps went harder, then breakbeat, as the amen loop kicked in. I stayed with jungle until 1993 then chilled out with the more relaxed sound of US garage and UK bred house. I frequently nodded and smiled to Tribal UK and Strictly Rhythm releases. 

I ‘retired’ somewhat for a few years - hung up the headphones - but was always addicted…… The last few years have seen me rekindling my love for house, breakbeats, and everything in between!

I now find myself living in Aberystwyth, mid Wales, UK. and have had many local residencies, and have guest DJ'ed for Ministry of Sound.

Carmarthen residencies (1990-2005):

Riviera Club, Metros, Savannahs, many free parties!

Aberystwyth residencies (2008-now):

Aberystwyth Student Union, The Black House, Pier Pressure, Harleys Music Bar. Also held events at The Angel Inn with Synergy Sound.

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